Handbags come in different colour, size and shape. The handbag is an accessory that makes a fashion statement. They important accessory is always in demand. Searching through online you will find a wide variety of handbag models are introduced in the market each year. There are so many options available for customers to choose from; making them confused which branded handbag to purchase. Here are given information about 7 best selling handbags in the world.

  1. Louis Vuitton

The brand is quite popular all over the world and it remains a favourite among celebrities. It offers plenty of space to store your personal items. You can use the handbag with both casual and formal wear.

  1. Mulberry

If you are looking for plenty of storage space, you may choose the brand. Most of their collections include oversized bags made of quality leather. The handbag looks elegant with belt strap.


  1. Balenciaga

With two hand strap and a removable shoulder strap, the bag makes both functional and beautiful. Their products are made of durable leather and features cell phone pockets and leather framed mirrors.

  1. Prada Saffiano

The brand provides bag which is scratch and water resistant. It is an expensive brand with extra durable option. They have classy designer collections, making it a favourite among celebrities.

  1. Hermes Kelly

Their bag is triangular in shape and crafted beautifully. Made of leather, the brand offers simple and elegant design.

  1. Christian Dior Lady Bag

The brand is named after Lady Diana and the sophisticated bag features either gold or silver hardware. Their bag offers distinctive charm and they are lightweight.

  1. Bottega Veneta Nero Light Calf Roma

The brand is popular for its stylish design and their handbag offers easy to recognize leather weaving technique. There are enough inner compartments to store your personal items.

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