Myths get started for a lot of different reasons. Sometimes they are based on generalizations or assumptions. Other times they are promoted and developed by a marketing team to help sell a product. In the case of bras, the most common myths are a mixture of incorrect information from bra manufacturers and advice from our parents.

For the health of your breasts and the comfort of your bra, make sure you take a look at the following 8 bra myths. These common theories need to be debunked, yet they continue to be believed by most women.

#1 – Not Wearing a Bra Can Cause Sagging

One of the most commonly believed myths concerning bras is that if you do not wear a bra your breasts will start to sag. This is an easy myth to believe. It makes sense that without support, your breasts will naturally sag and begin droop over time. The truth is, your bra simply supports your breasts but do not prevent breast tissue from stretching.

In fact, wearing the wrong bra can promote sagging. Wearing a bra that is too tight or the wrong size can cause breast tissue to stretch, which can increase the rate of your sagging.

#2 – Sleeping in a Bra is Good or Bad for Your Breasts

There are two separate myths concerning sleeping in bras. Some people believe that sleeping in a bra will make your breasts perkier. The theory is that the continual support will help keep your breasts firm. At the opposite end of the spectrum, some people think that sleeping in a bra will harm your breasts.

Both of these myths are incorrect. Sleeping in a bra does not harm or help your breasts. It should not have any impact on the health of your breasts. Though, you will likely find it uncomfortable to sleep in your bra.


#3 – Bra Sizes Are Universal

This next myth is not as widely believed as some of the other myths discussed in this list. The myth is that bra sizes are universal – that you if you know your bra size, then you can use that size with any brand. The truth is that there is no consistency for sizing. Different brands and different manufacturers have their own fit. You need to try on a bra to ensure it is the right size unless you are familiar with the brand.

#4 – You Should Only Wash Your Bras Once Per Week

Another myth is related to washing bras. Some women avoid washing their bras more than once per week. They feel that washing their bras more frequently will stretch out the bras. The opposite is true. By waiting to wash your bras, more oil and dirt accumulates on the bra, causing the elasticity of the bra to breakdown. Instead of waiting once per week, you should wash your bras as often as possible. Use a gentle cycle and air-dry your bras.

#5 – You Can Wear a Bra Two Days in Row

You should not wear a bra two days in a row. As mentioned above, dirt and oil from your skin can damage the elasticity of your bra. You need to give your bras time to rest, to avoid stretching out the band.

#6 – A Good Bra Should Last Several Years

It is always hard to determine exactly how long an article of clothing should last. Some people may wear an item once per week throughout the year, while others may wear an item once per month. If you wear a bra on a regular basis, it should last about 6 to 9 months.

After this period, you should find that the bra will be significantly stretched out compared to when you first bought it. If you begin to notice that your bra lacks proper support, then it could be time to purchase a new bra.

#7 – Cup Size is More Important Than Band Size

Some women are more worried about the cup size than the band size. While it is important to get the cup size right, the band size is more crucial to the support provided by the bra. The band size is what determines support and lifts your breasts. If you need help determining your actual band size, then get a professional fitting.

#8 – Light Colored Bras Are Less Visible

The final myth to discuss is that light colored bras are less visible. This is not true. Wearing a white bra under a white shirt will not be less noticeable. If you truly want to make your bra disappear, it should be closer to the color of your skin.

There you have it – 8 common bra myths debunked. Though, this does not cover all of the myths concerning bras and panties. There is plenty of other misinformation available.

You cannot believe everything that you read. If you believe these myths your entire life, you are not alone. But now that you know better, you can help stop these myths from spreading.

Author Bio – This article is written on behalf of SoulPepper.

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