At some point in the future you may wonder how much your jewellery is worth, this could be jewellery that you have inherited or jewellery that you want to get rid of. It is certainly worth checking out the value of your jewellery as you could be in possession of something that could be worth a lot of money. Current estimations state that there is around £60 million worth of antique jewellery floating around many homes. Jewllery is becoming increasingly more valuable and for some collectable so research is vital.

The first thing to do is to get your jewellery valued and this can be done using an independent jeweller or by valuing it yourself. If you decide to do it yourself look for Hallmarks, townmarks, dateletters and purity marks.

You will need to research these marks to help you discover more about the piece but it is also worth understanding what your piece is made of. It could be made of gold, silver or platinum and these come with different values depending on the size and weight. Jewellery with gemstones will cost more but there are different types.

Gems that are coloured have become more popular in recent years so research will help you identify which gemstone is in your jewellery. If you are on the lookout for antique gems then those that have been left untreated will be worth more as it could be a one-off or a rare gem.

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Necklaces, earrings and brooches can also be worth a lot of money. A pearl necklace could be of value but the only way to find out is it to use an x-ray machine. However, if you are looking for antique treasure remember that the era it is from will have an impact on its value, age and the quality. If you have jewellery that has been passed down, research the history using a jeweller, the internet or another antique enthusiast.

If you want to sell your jewellery there are many options available to you. You can sell via the internet, an independent jeweler or an auction house but this depends on how quickly you want to sell and how much you would like to receive. If your jewellery has been valued and you would like to sell privately then look at other pieces that are selling. This will give you an insight into whether yours is likely to sell and also whether you should ask for more or less.

If you have jewellery that is sitting around at home and you want cash quickly then an independent jeweller or pawnbrokers will help you to secure a loan against the jewellery. The loan conditions will have to be agreed first and then you will have to repay the money once the loan duration has ended.

It is crucial that your jewellery is clean when selling. Make sure you choose the correct products to clean so that you do not cause damage. A jeweller will offer a cleaning and polishing service which could be the better choice if you are unsure about what to do. Once you have decided to sell a piece of jewellery make sure that you keep it safe and that all stones are protected from scratches.

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