Diamond is considered as one of the precious gemstone for its rarest nature and sparkling beauty. It takes lots of time, high pressure, temperature and depths of about 140 to 190 kilometers beneath the earth’s surface to form this sparkling beauty. Diamond is nothing but carbon whose atoms are bonded in a specific way to form hardest gemstone ever.

What Are The Different Uses Of Diamond?

In spite of being highly priced, Diamond is used in lots of places for its unique nature. Let us now discuss the different uses of Diamond.


  • When somebody says Diamond the first thought that comes to a women’s mind is “Sparkling Diamond Necklace”. It is indeed true that Diamond jewelry is so famous around the world, be it a small diamond ring or a grand necklace. Diamond is a universal choice for all the occasion and also acts as a status symbol. The important property of Diamond is its versatility, since it gets along with any metal like gold, platinum etc. Planning to buy a diamond jewelry, keep in mind that it is really important to go for a branded dealer like the guardian to avoid getting cheated as the there are lots of fake diamonds available in market.
  • Diamond beauty products are hottest selling in the cosmetic world. Yes, it is indeed true that diamond has vast benefits for your skin as it acts as exfoliate for its strong abrasive nature.
  • Diamonds are so famous in medical world. Nano diamonds are acts as a perfect indicator of the effectiveness of cancer drugs. Even some superior surgical tools are diamond coated or diamond tipped.
  • Diamonds are harder than any other gem and it is used for cutting and polishing other gems. Diamond tools are extensively used in this process to obtain a perfect finish.
  • Diamonds are an integral part of automotive industry because of this hard character it used for cutting and polishing the body parts of variety of automobiles.
  • Highway construction industry uses Diamond coated equipment extensively. In fact many companies are into production of these diamond coated equipment like Diamond coated Saw, Diamond coated blades etc for its demand and extensive use.
  • Industrial diamonds are used in oil and gas industry too. They even use synthetic diamonds but the most difficult situation demands only the natural ones.
  • Diamond is used in audio equipment for improving sound quality. Diamond speakers can produce a fantastic high quality sounds.

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