One of the newer streetwear firms is The Hundreds. Bobby Kim and Ben Shenassafar only founded this company in 2003.

This firm may be a relative newcomer to the sector, but it is already very popular. The Hundreds has a loyal and growing band of fans.

At first, why, is not clear. But, when you look at their collections, you begin to understand why this brand has such a big following.

Plenty of choice

The 2016 collection is a great one. There really is something for everyone in this range. Plenty of hoodies for the traditional streetwear buyers like skateboarders, and BMX riders.

crooks and castles

However, there are also lots of bold t-shirts for the jogging and gym crowd to wear. Streetwear is designed to keep you warm and dry, and do so without bundling you up too much and restricting your freedom of movement. It works too, which is why street clothing is becoming increasingly popular with sportsmen and women.

A simple but fresh look

The Hundreds designers avoid the radical look. Their designs are usually stylish, but understated, and this is certainly true of the 2016 collection. This year, the colour palette is mainly black, grey or white. There are some bright colours used in there, but their use is very limited. Colour is only really used in the lettering or logos, which are printed on a white or black background.

High quality materials

Because active people wear this clothing, it has to be well made. The Hundreds have always used the best materials and the 2016 collection is no exception. They have focused mainly on natural materials like cotton that keep you warm but allow your skin to breathe.

The other great thing about this streetwear designer is that they offer great value for money. Unlike some other companies, they price their clothing to sell rather than trying to make themselves too exclusive.

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