Smartwatch market has seen a steady growth in the last couple of years. This year was no exception, offering an improved catalogue with lots of variety. The successes of Google with its Android Wear and regulars like Apple and Samsung saw relative newcomers like Huawei, Casio and others stepping in the game. There are more to come but so far, here are the best smartwatches of 2016.

Apple Watch Series 2

Series 2 was initially somewhat overshadowed by its smartphone brother at the introduction. Still, when the dust around iPhone 7 settled, Series 2 smartwatch received the praise it deserves. Apple is clearly targeting the sporty types with the focus being on health and fitness. GPS has been added, the smartwatch is waterproof and there are loads of sport tracking and metrics. Thanks to the new watchOS 3, third-party app support is improved, as well as general interaction with the smartwatch.

Samsung Gear S2

At least until Gear S3 goes into sale, Gear S2 is the best Samsung has to offer. It’s also one of the best smartwatches around. With a sharp and fully circular Super AMOLED display, innovative rotating bezel and above-average battery life, Gear S2 is a choice you won’t regret. As an added bonus, it also couples nicely with a number of Android phones, not just Samsung.

Moto 360

One of the best-looking and one of the most popular smartwatches from last year, the newest Moto 360 model retained the slick look, got slightly bigger and improved performance in the process. It also retained the comfortable fit, complementing it with design customization. One of the selling points of this smartwatch is its iPhone compatibility, limited as it may be.3

Casio Smart Outdoor Watch

Casio’s venture into smartwatch territory resulted in their first Android Wear smartwatch that really differs from others. It is water-resistant and shock and dust resistant as per US military standards. There are two LCD displays, one color and one monochrome with the latter preserving battery life that may last up to a month.

Sony SmartWatch 3

While certainly not the most stylish of the bunch, Sony’s SmartWatch 3 compensates with great performance and a good-sized screen. Battery life is solid and an added GPS feature turn SmartWatch 3 into one of the better fitness accessories.

Huawei Watch

Another one of the newcomers in the smartwatch market, Huawei’s aptly named Watch is an Android Wear device of premium quality. Its AMOLED display is one the best on the market thanks to a 10,000:1 contrast ratio and thanks to itsperfect blend of fashion and technology, it goes with anything found on this link.

Pebble Time

One of the most affordable quality smartwatches today, Pebble Time is more of a basic smartwatch model with a few advanced option. Even as such, it has a rather colorful e-paper display, an impressive battery life that lasts up to a week and both iPhone and Android compatibility. And with Pebble Time 2 coming soon, it’ll be even more affordable.

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