Have you been a victim of domestic violence? Have you survived domestic violence? Has your partner returned in your life and begging for forgiveness for the violence and terror he created in your life in the past and you want to go back to him? Do you know someone who has been going through domestic violence and you wish to help her?

If you love someone, it is okay to give him another chance. However, if he has been abusive and physically violent to you in the past and you are still thinking of giving a chance to him, there is nothing we can say, except for requesting you to purchase and keep a pepper spraywith you.

The truth is that a pepper spray bottle can help in protecting you from domestic violence. Sometimes, the terror in your house can go so high that you have absolutely no idea about what to do. First of all, you must never give another chance to someone who has physically hurt you in the past. However, if you do want to stay with such a person once again, you must have something that can protect you. If a man raises his hands on a woman once, he can do it over and over again too. The worst is that when he raises his hands again on his woman, it may be in a worse manner. If you want to stay away from such a situation, you might want to use a pepper spray bottle. When you have such a thing in your hands, there is no way in which someone can damage you over and over again.

If you ever slip into the situation of domestic violence and your man is not ready to stop, you can use pepper spray and make sure you have enough time to go out of your house. If you have children, the burning sensation keeps your man from hurting you more and thus, you have enough time to take your kids out of the house, too.

Domestic violence needs to be taken seriously.

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