Diamond wedding rings are increasing in popularity thanks to their ability to enhance the appearance of the female’s engagement ring which is worn on the same finger. Both will be worn together almost every day of her life, so it is very important that you decide on the best ring possible.

Men are also opting for this style more often too, and while they don’t necessarily have to have a matching wedding band to their wife, many are deciding to match their diamond wedding rings.

A wedding ring is the symbol of the eternal love shared between husband and wife so it should always be the perfect ring for both, which is why picking the right wedding rings is definitely important!

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Here are some tips for choosing a diamond wedding ring:

Know Your Metals

The previous metal of a wedding ring great impacts the overall style and appearance of your wedding band. There are quite a few options when it comes to metals and you will want one that compliments the diamonds that will be set in the ring as well.

White Metals – These metals have become very popular in recent times. The likes of platinum, white gold, and palladium are all very well suited to compliment the diamond of a wedding ring, helping to enhance the brightness of the gemstone and let it be the main focus of the ring.

Yellow and Rose Gold – These metals stand out a lot more than the subtleness of white metals, providing a very warm style to the ring. They also help add more of a shine to the diamond as well. Rose gold is more of a recently popular metal thanks to its ability to give a softer shine to the diamond, while yellow gold is the embodiment of luxury, particularly with pure 24 carat gold.

Deciding on a Style

There are so many different choices when it comes to the style of a diamond wedding band. The style will determine how the diamonds look as well, as well as factoring on how viable they are to wear –some people have jobs that are not best suited to certain wedding bands!

Shared prong bands allow several diamonds to share a single prong. The prongs will hold two diamonds in place so they are doing more work, but when it comes to highlighting the beauty of the diamonds in the wedding ring, then this is a great choice.

Another popular style of wedding ring is the Pavé setting. This involves setting the diamonds very close together within very thin bars of precious metal. The small spaces between each diamond are filled with the same metal of the band, holding them all in place and creating a ‘pavement’ of diamonds that brilliantly sparkle – there can often be several rows of diamonds with this style.

There are of course countless other styles available, so be sure to get your jeweller to showcase the most popular along with the more unique rings!

Custom Rings are an Option

Want something that is totally unique and special? Then a custom diamond wedding ring is certainly an option. It allows the bride and groom more control over the style of their rings, and they have much more of an input into the final design.

There are limitless options when it comes to custom rings!

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