So, Clarks UK have finally shaken off their fuddy-duddy image of yesteryear, yet still offer great value for money footwear and gbx men’s 13224 deed boots. But do Clarks really offer quality, fashionable footwear at affordable prices in 2016?

Because they’ve been around for so long and weathered all kinds of economic climates over the decades, you can rest assure that Clarke Shoes will ride the looming recession of 2016 and beyond, very well. When times are tough and money is tight, one of the first cutbacks is on luxury items, including pricy brand name shoes and boots. Thankfully, the range of great looking footwear from the stores of Clark Shoes UK will still enable those of us on a tight budget to have great looking comfortable shoes and boots adorn our feet, with the only cutback being in brand, not in beauty.

A Brief History on Clark Shoes UK

Clarke Shoes Only a bare footed wanderer living among a Neolithic ruin of remote rocks and rubble could claim to have never heard of the Clarke Shoes Company of Great Britain. Almost every working class commoner in England, Scotland, and Wales, would have had their feet protected and adorned in a pair of discount Clark shoes at some point during their lifetime, from Clark baby shoes right up to footwear for pensioners. No wonder the Clarke Shoes company is still going strong well into the 21st century.

Businesses certainly come and go in the modern age as more entrepreneurial types compete with long established companies. There is very little on the business forum that hasn’t been experienced by Clarke Shoes UK. They’ve weathered recessions, rapid changes in shoe fashions, fierce competition, and other types of turmoil that long established businesses go through. Not a lot of younger people know this, but Clarke Shoes UK has been operating as a family run company now for a little over 100 years. The history of Clarke Shoes UK and those legendary Clarks Originals, are firmly in the history books along with the Desert boot and other great innovations in the manufacture of national footwear.

There aren’t that many UK shoe manufacturers and retailers that have a historical presence in modern day Britain. Clarke shoes goes back so far that the OAPs will remember brands such as the Clarkes Wallabee (still in production, albeit with a bit of restyling). The 1970’s saw the launch of the ultra strong polyurethane soles resulting in tough and durable finish to budget footwear. This also made the shoes light, so Clark shoes UK now hit the market with affordable, lightweight, and virtually indestructible shoes and boots that everyone could afford.

Clarks Shoes Style and Comfort set to continue in 2016!

The world we live in today is a very different world that we lived in just 3 generations ago that’s for sure. Not only were jobs lower paid, but there wasn’t the credit of educational opportunities around that we see today. So when you think that a company such as Clarke shoes UK is still around after all this time, it really does tell you something about the quality and affordability of this innovative shoe company. It is only because Clarke shoes are able to adapt with the times and produce never-ending new lines of fashionable and affordable footwear, that we are lucky to have them around in 2016.

It doesn’t seem like a decade ago when the hyped up Dooms Day Millennium was born, and since that time we have seen both growth and decline in footwear fashions. Fancy niche footwear such as Womens Earth shoes, the floatable grotesque Croc shoes and sandals, Dansko Clogs, and many others, some which are still with us, and many that are not. As always, and despite it all, good ole Carks shoes UK is as solid as ever. The Clarks Shoes UK retail outlets are still found in every major town and city nationwide, and this familiar and well loved affordable, fashionable footwear, is likely to be around for many generations to come.

For anyone who’s familiar with Clarke shoes and their range of high street shops and outlets, there is something else which helps make this brand what it is, and that is the staff. It seems to have been a company policy of Clark shoes UK to carefully cherry pick their personnel. Not only are the front line employees at Clark shoes UK super friendly, but they certainly seem to know a thing or two about feet and fitting. This is not only comforting to we adults looking for new footwear, but it’s especially reassuring to parents who go to get their children measured up for new shoes.

Hip Footwear Says: Clarks Shoes. Established in 1950 and still here in 2016

Despite their critics, Clarks shoes must be doing something right otherwise they would simply have gone out of business decades ago. The footwear market is pretty hostile these days as relentless competition continues to squeeze its way into the game. Even with so much rivalry, Clarks shoes continue to hold their own as they carry on producing hip footwear in a broad range of styles for all people of all ages, and still at the Clarks affordable prices. From 1950 to 2016, this is one UK shoe maker that plans to stick around for generations to come.

Clark Desert Shoes – The First Clarks Original

Clarks Desert Shoes are part of the Clarks Originals collection. In fact the Desert Boot, was the very first Clarks Original and was the idea of Nathan Clark (great grandson of one of the founding brothers of Clarks). The somewhat modified version of this Clark Classic is still a best seller to this day.

The Founders of Clarks

Way back in year 1825, there was a man who went by the name of Cyrus Clark. Cyrus had the idea to tan sheepskin rugs. Little did he know at this time that this was to become the foundation for the first ever footwear for the Clark shoe brand. It was his brother, James Clark, who used Cyrus’ tanned sheepskin to create the Clarks sheepskin slippers in 1830. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Who Owns Clark Shoes in 2016?

This is still very much a family owned business belonging of course to the Clark clan. According a page dedicated to Clark shoes on Wikipedia, the immediate family holds a total 81% of the entire share. The remaining 19% is held by the employees of the company. Being an integrated part of the business, these loyal workers are probably also considered members of the Clark’s extended family anyway.

Who is the CEO of Clark Shoes in 2016

43 year old Melissa Potter is the current CEO of Clark Shoes. The mother of one succeeded Peter Bolliger who quit after 16 years service with the company.

How much does the CEO of Clark Shoes get paid?

Although the salary of Clark’s CEO has not been disclosed publically, it is unlikely that it will fall short of the 0.28m her predecessor, Peter Bolliger, was receiving when he quit the company. Now there’s one pair of shoes many wouldn’t mind stepping into, especially with the current economic climate!

How many Shops & Outlets does Clarks have in the UK

The Clarks Empire, at the time of writing, June 2016, boasts around 400 Clark Shoe shops & Outlets around the UK. The annual turnover is said to be around ?b, and the total number of staff employed to fun these busy shops exceeds 11,300 people.

Where is Clarks Head Office?

Believe it or not, but the head office of Clarks is in the same building that the business was founded way back in 1825. It’s been loving restored over the years and has become a proud icon for this long running company. The location is in a placed called Street. In this case, Street is not the name of a residential road, but the name of an actual village and civil parish in the fine county of Somerset, England. The Clarks Street HQ is home to over 1,200 people, working in 12 key departments within the company.

Do Clarks have sites specific to European Countries?

Yes they do. Clarks is no longer just a British success story and their reputation for quality, stylish footwear has reached both the European continent and the USA too, hence the company opening websites to: Clarks EU, Clarks DE, Clarks FR, and Clarks US,

Is it Possible to get a Career with Clarks?

Oh yes it’s very possible to get a career with Clarks if you’re the right person for a particular role. Clarks manufacturing has left the UK now but this is a global operation and there’s a lot of opportunities available for those suitable. There are careers in retail and wholesale, administration, and a number of international opportunities for the more ambitious.

You can learn more about careers with Clarks by visiting this page.

Can Clarks be followed on twitter?

Yes, like most modern businesses, Clarks can be followed on twitter. They can also keep in touch with the company via their facebook page, and or subscriber to their newsletter. The links for all 3 of the above can be found Clarks official website.

Do I have to pay for shoes online?

No, not if you don’t want to, thanks to Clarks Collect from Store Option. Clarks offer a service where you can select your footwear online and then collect your shoes from one of their many retail outlets.

This is super convenient meaning you can order a number of pairs online and have them delivered to your nearest Clarks shoe shop where you are then able to check them for fit, feel, and comfort before deciding to buy.

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