New looks for summer and autumn 2016 include polished styles with the emphasis on manageability, to empower today’s woman. Hair trends change with the wind and according to the experts, short bobs are on the way in. The cheekbone length crop is perfect for that cool executive look, with several styles that suit all types of hair.

Geometric cuts

These first became popular when Grace Jones sported one in the mid-seventies, and with the actress Lupita Nyongorecently adorning the cover of Rhapsody, it has a certain appeal to it. A clean cut, with defined lines and a triangular shape, this symmetrical design is a popular choice this year.  If you are looking for hairdressers in Perth, an online search will reveal several established salons in your locality.


Bold fringes

These are frequently seen among the celebrity list and complement the trend in short hair. Textured fringes are back and curly hair gives a girl a few more options, with ragged edges capturing that windswept look. Adding fringe can also put the face into proportion, with several cutsavailable.


The sleek, polished lob

Very prominent early this year, the polished lob is preferred with shiny hair, rather than the tousled look of previous years. Certain textures will need some work and control to achieve that sheen, and a polished lob will add a unique brand of sex appeal. Just below the shoulder is the perfectlength, as you can still look modern and cool, with the sexiness of long hair.


Long, textured layers

One good way to add life to long hair is to add texture-boosting layers, which creates movement in the hair.  This type of cut also adds volume to the crown of the hair – which is ideal for women with fine texture that are looking to create an illusion of more fullness. Layers bring in versatility, with either a blow dry or pin curls to give you that sophisticated French look. Careful trimming is recommended, as overgrown layers add a tinge of tiredness to the face, while also weighing down the rest of your hair.


The right cut for your texture

For most women, it is not just a question of simply choosing a style, as hair texture plays a large part in the success of a cut. A good stylist will be able to suggest solutions that work for the texture of your hair, highlighting your best features, while giving you the desired look.It isn’t just about hair texture, with each individual having their own unique style and manner, so choosing the right cut will add that special something.


Professional help

Most women that are serious about creating the right image have their own personal stylist. Someone that is able to create the desired image in just the right way. Styling hair is an art form, and some artists are able to create a unique look that really makes a statement. Your regular stylist will know what works for you whatever the occasion, and with that familiarity, comes a level of confidence in the stylist. Fashion conscious females have so much more choice today, with a boom in hair and nail salons over the past few years. So next time you fancy a change of hairstyle, search online and the choice is yours.

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