Having some different jewels of unique and different designs, can show the versatility of jewel collection. Beads can be a part of jewels and for other creative things. The latest trends have a wide range of accessories with different forms, colors and designs. So, to make the beads more trendy and vibrant in accessories, there are many types and forms of it. Superduo Czech beads have the most significant form for making the perfect of a particular type like bracelets, earrings and necklaces.Image result for Czech Superduo Beads


Superduo Czech beads are 2.5x5mm in size and form. These beads are Czech glass made, having two holes of same size. These beads have the material Preciosa Ornela in the making.  These beads are also known as two hole seed bead (twin holes as well). They have the same holes but only with a slight difference just because of different shapes of beads. These beads are the pressed glass beads with a unique and significant size and with a magnitude firmness as well. The holes are the size of 8mm. These beads are the actual glass beads and have different types of coating on it like

  • Crystal.
  • Transparent.
  • Color lined.
  • Picasso.
  • Opaque.
  • Matt.
  • Luster.
  • Magic line.
  • And AB coating.

The Superduo beads are quite innovative with a unique shape of two stringing holes. These beads have the petal shaped edges that can really work well in seed bead embroideries on garment with different techniques of weaving. The gaps in the designing are filled nicely. The beads shape helps them to join with each other well and a beautiful  floral design can be created. These beads can be used in very versatile designs with different colors for having a colorful emphasis in creativity. The colors range from bright to metallic ones and from hushed to the neutral.

These Superduo beads have wide range of different designs of beads some of them are;

  • Amethyst ML and TL.
  • Apollo Gold.
  • Apollo turquoise MA.
  • Aquamarine, AB and MA.
  • Baby blue OP star dust.
  • Beige OP vitral.
  • Blue iris.
  • Blue iris MA.
  • Blue OP.
  • Bronze.
  • Brown iris MA.
  • Cobalt.
  • And the Cobalt Picasso and much more.

Superduo seed beads are like extremely popular in designs and for many seed bead project. The similarities between twin beads and Superduo beads are much but the quality of Superduo is better. The creation of Czech Superduo seed beads is on high standards of quality. The formation of these beads can help anyone with creative skills to make some fine jewelry and designs. The weaving method is followed in making the accessories of seed beads. The special colors and sizes of these beads gives some unique ideas. The artificial jewelry has become more popular in the present because of these beads with a lot of vibrant colors. So, for a good collection of jewels, Superduo seed beads can be a good addition.  

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