Ah, waxing. In our ongoing battle against hair in all the wrong places, humans have become adept at fashioning new ways to remove hair. There’s plucking and shaving and even dissolving – depilatories, anyone? – but one of the most popular options is waxing. The process can be used on various parts of the body, and although it can be painful, the hurt only lasts a few seconds. When compared to the irritation to a bikini area that can come from shaving, suddenly waxing looks pretty good. If you want to give DIY waxing a shot, here’s what you need to know before you get started.


There are many upsides to tackling hair management at home. And, fortunately, there are lots of products and tools available at salon supply stores that can make the process a little more pleasant. Here are some benefits to DIY waxing at home:

  • You can do it any time. Instead of waiting until the waxing specialist at your salon can fit you in, you can take care of unwanted hair at home on your schedule.
  • You can save money. Although you will have the initial outlay to purchase the tools and supplies necessary for DIY waxing, that cost is minimal compared with the expense of multiple trips to the salon.
  • The process is simple. Most of the products you can buy involve heated wax, though there are some sugar-based products that may be better for sensitive skin. There are no harsh chemicals or messy sprays to deal with at home.
  • Waxing, no matter where it’s done, prevents hair regrowth for a longer period of time than tweezing or plucking. You can expect about two weeks before hair regrows after it is waxed.

DIY Waxing


Not everything is perfect when it comes to waxing at home, though. If it were, no one would ever go to a salon for the service again. Here are some of the downsides of doing the process yourself.

  • It can be difficult to reach certain areas. Men and women alike make good use of waxing products, but sometimes you just need a second person to reach the parts of your body that you can’t. If you live alone, you might be limited what you can do or how well the job gets done.
  • Mistakes can be difficult to fix. If you are trying waxing at home for the first time and go a little overboard on your eyebrows, for example, you may not have the expertise to improve the look of the mistake. You might end up going to see the pros after all.
  • You have to be careful about sanitation. Salon waxing specialists are trained in practices that prevent infections. If you are doing the work at home, you must be sure to not double-dip on applicators.

DIY waxing at home is a common practice that you absolutely can master. Just be certain you are being realistic about the potential challenges before you get started. With a little practice, you can get so good at home waxing that you never have to spend a dime with the pros again!

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