Buying toddlers their favorite toy is both a fun and overwhelming experience for parents, given that the choices are never-ending. They come in a wide range of materials, colors, and features. So, what to believe and which to select?

If quality materials and affordable prices are what you’re after, then might consider visiting and take advantage of their best offers. To further lessen your hassle, below are the do’s and don’ts of buying toddler toys. Hope these could help!


  • Do choose toys that are perfectly suited to the interest, abilities, skills, and age level of the kid. Don’t go for too advanced toys; otherwise, safety risks can occur.  
  • Do look for toys with guarantee robust construction. Here, long-term investment is highly essential. Your preferred toys must be made of lifelong materials – doesn’t have sharp points or edges and can resist any impact.
  • Do look for a stuffed animal with the small parts (e.g. nose and eyes) securely attached. This is to minimize any choking possibilities.
  • Do read the instructions thoroughly and follow recommended safety guidelines and age levels. Age labeling is mainly given for safety and developmental purposes.
  • Do buy toys that have an array of colors and textures to get the attention of your baby. Those with numerous textures, vivid colors, and high contrast design keeps them interested.
  • Do choose a toy that promotes creativity. Children love using their imaginations, so look for one that stimulates this. For instance, a building block is great for testing their ideas.
  • Do buy toys that encourage physical activity. Practicing the physical abilities of your child while she is still young is both necessary and important. After all, she would have lots of time getting into video games as soon as he gets old. You might consider kids soccer net at Step2 Direct or other sports toys that can help develop their physical development.
  • Do choose toys that promote learning. While toys that create noise or light up are fun, ensure they promote knowledge in younger ones. During this stage, they tend to pick up on things and learn fast, so do well with it.


  • Do not buy heavy, clunky toys for an infant since he still doesn’t have the strength to hold them properly.
  • Do not go for a toy that includes a choking hazard.
  • Do not buy hobby kits (e.g. chemistry sets) for kids below 12. However, supervision of an adult is still needed when older kids play with such toys.
  • Do not buy toys that create harsh or loud noise to avoid severe ear damage.
  • Do not get toys that contain flying parts, such as high-powered water guns and slingshots, because they might injure kids.
  • Do not opt for toys with electric heating elements.
  • Do not buy too many toys. Chances are, you’re collecting nothing, but a dust. With fewer toys, kids will learn to be more creative, develop extensive attention spans, build better social skills, become more resourceful, and learn to find fulfillment outside of the toy store.

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