Designers have been creating a lot of contemporary designs for women since many decades. Whether you are working woman or a party animal, the constant need to uplift style has been always there.

Well tailored fitted women shirt online meets the expressions of a new today with panache. Almost everybody can carry a shirt well because of the subtle textures that make you appear sophisticated. Constantly winning the hearts of millions of women worldwide, these shirts/blouses have flair of making even a simple style combo appear glamorous without thinking too much.

The timeless combination of the formal shirt with a pencil skirt or tailored trousers are well appreciated everywhere. No matter what team your shirts and blouses with, they should appear effortless. Here are my tips for not only pulling off, but making them your signature style.

Emphasizing your curves by adorning a ruffled blouse – Horizontal ruffles will create an impression of fullness and make you appear well endowed. Whereas vertical ruffles will make you appear slimmer and well toned. Explore the wide collection according to your size and buy women’s shirts online from various sites like Stalk buy love to your best foot forward.

Pair it with a pencil skirt – Indian silhouettes have very particular structural shape that is naturally very feminine. It can be effortlessly be enhanced by wearing a fitted shirt/blouse with a well tailored pencil skirt.

Teaming it with tapered trousers – look ready to conquer the world by wearing a vertical striped shirt with a well fitted pair of trousers. Choose a style that flatters your shape to look fashionable with this timeless combination.

Choose your accessories well – Throw on a blazer, scarf or a simple necklace to create your own statement piece according to the event or place.

The perfect office wear that has great silhouettes and detailing in the need of the hour and to buy women’s shirts online India has been difficult up till now. An electric line of well tailored shirts has been introduced by the brand Stalk buy love. So, amp up your Friday dressing by introducing vibrant colored blouses in your wardrobe. For the more formal meetings or events stick to light pastel hues.

Pro Tips:

  • Experiment with one or two vibrant colors to add a good dose of fun, when the rest of your look is muted.
  • Always be comfortable before stylish!

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