Boudoir photography is one type of portrait photography that combines fashion, eroticism, and glamour. The word boudoir comes from the French word about vanity or a place where a woman spends the time to freshen up or get ready for the day, and it was a place where a woman usually spends time for herself. Recently, it has been connected to being erotic as some women prefer to do a shoot with lingerie on to add a sexy feel to their photos. However, boudoir photoshoots also can be done when there is a wedding, and the bride and groom want documentation of them getting ready for their big day.

Usually, people plan and set a boudoir photo shoot to remember a specific time in their lives or to give it as a gift or present to a loved one. The bottom line is that your clients will want your photos to turn out as how they envisioned it, maybe even better. If you are looking for professional help with your boudoir photography, then contact boudoir photography Houston TX or any studio near your area.

Do Your Research

The first thing to do before anything else is to make your inquiry regarding the vision that your client wants. If the client has a taste for delicate and vintage feel, then look for setups and camera settings that would help you achieve that kind of vibe. Scrolling through the internet for some inspiration is one thing to do that will surely help make your job easier. Look at the lighting, the poses, the setup and get your creative juices flowing to try and recreate the look your client wants. Being prepared is the best thing to do before going to a shoot to avoid any delays and ensure your clients’ satisfaction.

Make Your Subject Feel Comfortable

Boudoir photography is widely known for its delicate and candid feel or vibe. The best photos have its model look effortlessly comfortable in his or her skin, and as though he or she is not getting a photo taken at all. You want to have these elements present in erotic and nonerotic boudoir photos. One thing to ensure you get these kinds of pictures is to make your model comfortable. Most clients do not have any experience in posing for pictures, let alone erotic ones. So it is best to help them pose in a comforting, yet instructive way. Feedback is one way to communicate to make your models feel good about what they are doing, so make sure to give lots of feedback to encourage your model or clients.

Communication Is Key

To create the vision that your client wants is very difficult without proper discussion, make sure that you ask a lot of questions and clarify things during the initial and post-processing of their photos. Communication is also especially important during the shoot as explained earlier so remember to be vocal and encourage your model or client.

There are the tips and tricks to help you survive your boudoir photo shoot.

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