Now that fall is here, it’s time to update all aspects of your wardrobe, including your workout gear! In Summer, shorts with a cute sports bra and top combination are all you need. Now it’s a little cooler, though, and you have thewind and rain to compete with, so you’ll need more pieces in your collection. Here are our top tips on how to add pieces to your workout wardrobe that mean you can continue your fitness regime through every season.

Thermal Layers
It’s important to keep warm but not overheat, especially when you’re working out outside. Thermal leggings are a good way to conserve heat without adding too much bulk and weight to your gear. Choose a thermal long-sleeved top as a base layer and a lightweight hoodie or sweater on top and you should feel comfortably warm and but not sweaty. The lighter the layer, the easier it is to carry if you need to temporarily cool down whilst you’re working out.

Keep Your Head Warm
It’s especially important to make heat conservation at the top of your body a priority when choosing your workout gear. This is not only where you sweat the most, but also where you lose most of your body heat. If the area is left uncovered, you might leave your workout feeling less than great! There are plenty of cute hats and headbands on the market, as well as other cheap workout clothes designed to help keep your ears and head warm as well as staying stylish at the same time.

Stay Dry
As much as we all love the fall, we can’t deny it comes with a large helping of rain, rain, and more rain. Luckily there are plenty of ways to avoid the elements that don’t involve compromise the quality of your workout. From water resistant leggings and jackets, you can stay dry without having to run and carry an umbrella at the same time (or wear an umbrella hat, which would be way worse). Whatever you do, don’t forget your phone or mp3 player needs protection too!

Take Care of Your Toes
If your feet are a big part of your fitness regime, you’ll know how much care and attention they need, and how easy it is to forget about them! As the weather gets colder they’ll need even more TLC because sweaty feet and cold air are not a good mix (we won’t be more specific, let’s just say it’s not pretty). Thermal socks are a great idea to conserve heat, and a soothing foot soak post-workout will help to eradicate all the nasties that build up whilst your toes are stuck inside your trainers.

Take care of yourself and enjoy your workout!

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