I get facials often since there is a spa that gives facials near me. I walk so I also get my exercise. Exercise and facial all in one day.


Facials are almost a necessity for me as I have a real problem with clogged pores. This is a problem that I have fought since I was a teenager. If I miss one of my facials, my face begins to break out and that is not pretty. Facials are the very best way to keep my face looking great.

Different reasons

People get their facials for many reasons. While many people are like me and want to remove those awful blackheads, others just want help with an anti-aging regimen. And, then there are the group of people who just like to be pampered and to relax.

Good reasons

These are all very good reasons to get facials. But often the facial themselves are a bit mysterious. What does the steam do? Why do they continually put creams on and off? Why is it necessary to get facials regularly?

What are facials

A facial is a treatment that is multi-step for the skin considered to be one of the better methods used to care for your face. A good facial exfoliates, cleans as well as nurtures the skin, and all of this promotes a clear complexion, well-hydrated, and helps keep your skin looking more youthful. You also receive good advice from them on the very best way to care for your skin. Facials work best when they are part of a program of skin care.

Best way for skin care

It is best to find someone who is knowledgeable, experienced, and licensed aesthetician with special training in not only skin care but is also fastidious, knowledgeable, and has a passion for their work. Legally, a cosmetologist can give facials, but their basic training is with the hair, so they perhaps might not be the best choice for your skin care. There is also a trend towards dual-licensed therapists, where the person has licenses to give both facials as well as massages. So be on the lookout for this especially in a resort setting, if you would rather go to someone who only has a speciality in facials skin care.

Second most popular

A facial is the 2nd most popular spa treatment, with a massage being number 1.

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