Check out one of the latest trend in urban apparel: biker jogger pants. These comfortable leggings make an awesome street fashion statement. Celebrities are getting in on the action, as the paparazzi are snapping the likes of Kanye West and Justin Bieber rocking this style, but the style is not just for men. Selena Gomez and Zendaya have been caught looking amazing wearing these pants as well.

The key to pulling this style off is to wear them just a little low, sport a great pair of sneakers or flip flops, opt for a white or light colored, oversized tee, throw on a snapback and you’re set. For women, the slim fitting, knee riders are great with crop top, camisole, and waist jacket. Top it off with a vintage inspired hat, and you’ve pulled off a one-of-a-kind personal urban style statement.

What’s really cool is the range of fabrics that are available. We’re not talking about your mothers heavy knit or cotton sweatpants here. The new styles are available in khaki, chino (like a cotton-twill fabric), soft fleece cotton, and chambray (a woven linen-like fabric). The best place to see how all these fabrics look side-by-side in by checking them out on the Internet. Your local store may have one or two fabric types, but you will definitely get a better idea of how these fabric look in all the different colors by going online. A great place to look for biker jogger pants and other up to date urban fashions is Zamage. Zamage urban clothing has a huge selection of urban fashions, the best brand names, and unbeatable prices. Once you find the fabrics you like, then you can check out all the different styles they come in.


There are many different versions of the biker jogger pants. They range from slim fitting to loose fit, full length or knee riders. Other options are drawstring, zippered or elastic banded. If you prefer side pockets or front pockets. You can even snag a pair of Retro biker jogger pants if want that 1990’s look.
Tone it down with navy, heather grey, black, or oatmeal. Or spice it up in teal, fire red, or burgundy. Don’t pass up the denim-look, aged wash, or acid-style for a really trendy look.

Hands down you will not find this variety of biker jogger urban apparel styles and colors in one store. Not only will you find a large selection online, you’ll find savings up to 40% off easily. This is one style you can mix and match with endless variety, making a personal statement at the same time.

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