Everyone wants to look beautiful with perfect flawless makeup. Great makeup can increase confidence and make people feel better about them. It’s here where makeup artists come in to help people achieve their dream looks. This is an industry that not only allows you to make people feel good, but also one in which jobs is plentiful.

If makeup if your passion, getting your makeup certification can be a way for you to work doing what you love. Typically, makeup artists get to create their own schedules and constantly meet new people. Makeup artists get to work in places and settings as varied as weddings to movie sets. Being a makeup artist can also be a great way to travel while working as the work can take you all around the country or even the world. While some people believe that there isn’t a lot of money in being a makeup artist, that’s actually not true. The average makeup artist makes $67,580 a year or $32.49 an hour, a pretty good living by most standards. Perhaps the best thing about the makeup industry is that it’s experiencing a very good rate of growth, about thirteen percent annually, meaning that rates of pay will probably rise even higher as well. Some hubs for makeup artistry in the United States are New York, Georgia, Florida, Texas and California just to name a few.

For those wondering where to get started in this industry, you will have to first take a makeup certification course. We asked a few cosmetology schools in Los Angeles for some advice on what to look for when getting your makeup certification. It is important to get your training from a reputed institute that knows what they’re doing. Your training is what could make or break your beauty career. In choosing an institute to do your training you should make sure your teachers is experts in their field and that the school has received good reviews from former students. Some other things to consider in choosing a makeup school is prestige, who is the school connected to? Who are some of the past students and instructors? Where or who have they gone to work for? Cost is also another important factor to take into consideration. What your budget is may determine which school or schools you will be able to attend. Some makeup school tuitions may be high, but many offer flexible payment plans to work for just about any budget. It may also be possible to go to school part time which may lower costs as well.

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