As usual, there were some absolutely stunning collections on display at the 2015 New York Fashion Week. Leading fashion houses from across the world headed to the Big Apple in a bid to make us all sit up and take notice of their latest designs – and what designs there were on display! From simple, elegant classics through to bolder, innovative ideas and even the slightly bizarre, New York Fashion Week showcased all the latest high fashion looks. Here are some of the collections that most caught our eye…

NYFW High Fashion Looks: Diane Von Furstenberg and the truly stunning Fortuna collection

With beautiful feminine designs and gorgeous colours, this was definitely one of the most outstanding collections from this year’s show. The relaxed chiffon dresses, golden yellow tops and beautiful tropical flowers are sure to live long in the memory, making this a true celebration of fashion if ever we’ve seen it.

NYFW High Fashion Looks: Unique show-stopping style from Proenza Schouler

The collection displayed by Proenza Schouler was like nothing else seen during the entire fashion week. Check out the unique use of colours, patterns and textures in many of the designs – and of course there was that blue cobalt gown, which was definitely a true showstopper. Trust us, everyone is talking about it.

NYFW High Fashion Looks: A new era for DKNY


DKNY is surely one of the most famous fashion labels in the world, and 2015 marks a new era for the iconic brand, with Public School’s Dao-yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne taking charge and unleashing their vision for the future of the label onto the New York audience. Showcasing a collection that was dominated by blacks, greys and whites, there was plenty to like in this unique range.

NYFW High Fashion Looks: Effortless style from Michael Kors

Showcasing a range described as “outdoorsy” and “earthy,” this is a collection that exudes effortless style, with a clear focus on subtly and elegance. We adore the classic chic and free flowing style displayed here, and the great thing is that these are looks that definitely won’t appear dated any time soon.

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