You may have listened for several times about the convenience of shopping online in ZAFUL and how easy it is to browse your favorite stores, pay comfortably and receive your orders at your doorstep. By investing a little time you can find real bargains and bargains, both in technology and in textiles.At the time of ordering shirts, dresses, pants or shoes online unless you already know your size of that brand you always do with the question of whether it will be good or if you have to change it.

Measuring tape

So apart from giving some advice, you will be explained how to measure properly and some international tables of sizes to facilitate this process of buying any garment. Before you continue you must take your measurements, so get yourself a tape measure. For Dresses, Skirts, T-Shirts, Tops, Sweaters measure the bust. To measure the bust you need to place the tape measure under the armpits and over the widest part of your bust. If you can make someone measure you and keep your arms down, the better. Measure the waist, hips and pants length. Measure your natural waist and try not to over tighten the tape. Measure hips and it falls about 18 cm below your waist. Once you have these three measurements, write them down. For Pantsthe length of a trouser is measured from the crotch to the length you want to reach.For neck pass the tape around the neck and insert a finger between the tape and your neck. This will prevent the neck of the shirt from getting too stuck. Know more about the dress charts here before buying the clothes online.

Conclusion: Tips when buying your clothes on the Internet

In various web pages like how to buy online tutorials, professionals have review many tips when purchasing your products. Always try to choose a store with good ratings and history, it is important that you trust. See their return policies,

  • If they admit a refund
  • If they make you a refund or if they change the product for another one in case you do not block your purchase
  • The prices of shipments and returns if there is
  • The terms of return

Since you are going to buy your clothes by eye, of course you cannot touch the material, try to choose a store / page that look good and clear the images, so you can see the details well.

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