Dressing up for religious events does not always mean somber outfits. Elegant and classy outfits always go during such events. Traditionally, women wear either sarees or salwar suits during religious festivals or events.

Usually,Anarkali are a safe option as they carry with them poise and beauty that is unrivaled. Anarkalis come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. Floor length Anarkali give an ethereal feel along with looking royal. Since it is a religious event, the outfit should not be too loud or gaudy; it might be overkill. However all white seems too pristine and plain, while black is an inauspicious color to wear during religious events. The colors should be pleasing and suit the event.Image result for HOW TO DRESS UP FOR RELIGIOUS EVENTS WITH A TWIST

Plain sarees are always the best option. They never go out fashion and the blouses can be designed in any manner to suit the occasion. Blouses can also be mixed and matched for variety purposes. Plain sarees never fail to make a statement. They’re elegant, bold and exude confidence. An Indian woman looks her best in a beautiful saree. Pastels are currently in trend, but colors like red and green are always a majority in traditional outfits, especially during religious events.  Green is a color that instantly catches eyes, yet it is soothing and calm. It does not seem too over the top, and it matches every event perfectly. Red is a wonderful color that always triumphs. It never goes out of fashion, no matter what. A red salwar suit or saree would look delightful, to say the least, during such events.

Lehengas are majestic and delicately beautiful. A lehenga, whether simple or grand will perfectly suit the occasion. Relaxed colors like orange or baby pink never go out of fashion, especially in lehenga-cholis. Floral skirts with golden blouses or floral blouses with plain skirts are trendy and stylishly simple.

Salwar suits are the to-go outfits for a religious event. They are tasteful and chic. A modern touch can be added to them too. Salwar suits these days are extremely easy to purchase, and there are numerous varieties, colors, and designs to choose from online. Buying salwar suits online are feasible as well as convenient.

Other than clothes, jewelry and footwear are also important during these occasions. Jhumkas are always a must if you want to add a gorgeous look to the outfit. Heavy necklaces cannot be worn with suits that have full necks, for such outfits, a simple necklace with a pendant will do. Bangles are also another important aspect of Indian attire. Colorful bangles will go with any of the outfits mentioned above. Footwear is also important. Heels and Anarkali always go together. Kohlapuris complement kurtis extremely well. Jodhpuris, kohlapuris, designer sandals and heels will fit perfectly with these clothing options.

Traditional Indian attire never goes out of style. The key to a great outfit is carrying it off with confidence. If you believe in your outfit, it will shine among the others.

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