The day has finally come. The day you’ve been waiting for since the moment she was born. It’s the day you would be saying goodbye to her as she takes on the next phase of her life. It’s the day your daughter gets married. It’s the day you become the mother of the bride.

This is just as much your day as your daughter’s as you help her through all the details and all the planning to get her to this very day. You’re there to help her get ready, holding back the tears of joy and happiness you feel for her as she prepares to walk down that aisle to the man of her dreams.

You can feel the pride swelling and threatening to overwhelm you as you gaze upon your daughter in her beautiful white gown as the veil gracefully floats around her. You’re watching as your beautiful little girl becomes a woman in your eyes in just a moment’s time.

Are you too nervous for the speech at the big day? Are you already having butterflies in your stomach? Is your heart beat getting faster?

Are you ready to make your mother of the bride speech? If no, then there’s no going back. You are the mother and you have to do it with all your dignity and love for your daughter. Here are some guidelines which you must follow you might feel better.

Mother of the bride speech

Guidelines For Do’s

  1. INTRODUCTION – People from the groom’s side might not know or recognize you, so before starting the speech you should make an introduction.
  1. WELCOME EVERYONE –After introducing yourself welcome all your guests present and appreciate their presence.
  1. MAKE A THANK YOU NOTE – Thanks everyone for coming and attending this memorable day of your life.
  1. ADDRESS YOUR SON IN LAW– Welcome your son in law in the family.
  1. PRAISE YOUR DAUGHTER –Share it with your daughter that how beautiful she is looking at her wedding day and how beautifully everything has turned out to be.
  1. ADD AMUSING STORIES – Make your speech entertaining and amusing by adding interesting stories from your past or from your daughter’s life in it.
  1. OFFER PARENTAL ADVICE-Add up some parental advice in the speech for your daughter and your son in-law too.
  1. WISH THEM LUCK -Wish them good luck and offer your wishes for their future life.
  1. RAISE A TOAST – In the end raise a toast for the newlyweds.

Guidelines For Don’ts

  1. DON’T MAKE THREATS – Avoid making threats to your son in law even in a funny tone that if he ever hurt your daughter you will not let him go. Groom and his family might not appreciate it even you said it as a joke; chances are that they might take it seriously.
  1. DON’T STATE LONG BORING STORIES – Do not get into boring stories or past family history. Your guests present at the occasion are not here for listening that. Chances are you will bore them to death by one of your stories. So keep it simple and short. People will remember it.

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