An innovative new accessory is on the way that promises to bridge the gap between fashion and function: Hülle Boot Wraps. The first thing they do is change the look of your boots. Maybe you’ve got a favorite pair that are a little worn, but much-loved and comfortable. By slipping on a pair Hülle Boot Wraps, you can give them a quick, fresh, fashionable make-over. The boot wraps are designed and styled to compliment any boot – and Hülle rhymes with cool!

The second thing you’ll love about Hülle Boot Wraps is their unique function. They’ve got hidden pockets that are convenient to use, with ample room to safely store your valuables. In other words, if you don’t want to lug around a purse, you no longer have to! Think of the unchained freedom you’ll have going places where you don’t want to worry about a handbag – a party, sporting event, nightclub, etc. When you slip on a pair of Hülle Boot Wraps, you can have a worry-free time! Once your friends see how easy you’ve made your life, they’ll want our boot wraps too.


Hülle Boot Wraps come in two styles: Hülle Cuff Boot Wraps and Hülle Ober Boot Wraps. The versatile Cuff Boot Wraps that can be worn with any boot, from the tallest to the shortest. These boot wraps offer the roomiest pocket storage system. They’re chic and stylish, with patterned pockets on a solid background.

Next, for those who wear Sherpa-styled boots or cute rain boots, there are Ober Boot Wraps. Ober Wraps, which designed to comfortably fit inside your boots, and have pockets that are easily accessible, allowing for safe storage of your must-have items.

Hülle Boot Wraps are made with the latest easy to care for 4-way stretch fabrics.  Once you try them, you’ll never want to take them off your boots, or carry a purse again. They’re currently being financed via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Donate today and be part of this new marriage of style and functionality.

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