Trends come and go. It can be hard to pay attention to all of the changes in fashion. While women’s fashion tends to get the majority of the attention each season, men’s clothing also goes through major changes. If you want to stay up to date with the latest designs and styles, it may help to pay more attention to men’s fashion. Here are some of the latest trends in men’s clothing.

The Cuban Collar

While women’s fashion is going back to the 1990’s, this Spring, men’s fashion appears to be taking a page from the 1950’s. The Cuban collar is making a comeback. Perhaps this is due to the recent unthawing of relations between the US and Cuba.

The Cuban collar is characterized by a wide collar that often contrasts the main color of the shirt. This is a common style for bowling shirts. Though, with recent trends, you can wear these shirts outside of the bowling alley.

Gray is the New Color of Spring

Perhaps designers are still feeling gloomy from the winter, but Gray is a major fixture in the latest Spring fashions. Again, this contrasts with the latest women’s fashion. Where women are going bold and bright, men are going more subdued and muted. Gray is a popular choice for your wardrobe and most men already own gray items.

Faded Green Offers a Small Splash of Color

Gray is not the only color on the palette. Muted and faded greens were also popular on the men’s runways. Designers are creating subdued looks and moving away from the color that is present in women’s fashion. In fact, you should notice a combination of Earth tones this Spring, including gray, green, and brown.

Baggy Pants Are Replacing Skinny Jeans

Finally, the age of skinny jeans may be coming to an end. Many of the top designs have been paired with baggy pants and wide-leg jeans. Everything from trousers to jeans is appearing with wider cuts. This may be the one style of the 1990’s in men’s fashion trends this Spring.


Distressed Jeans Are Gaining Momentum

You do not need to throw out your old jeans. The distressed look is more popular than ever. Washed out jeans, holes, frays, and other blemishes are sought after. Of course, there is a fine line between distressed and damaged. You do not want too many holes or too much fraying.

Suede Jackets and the Seventies Vibe

To go along with the muted colors this spring, suede jackets and other seventies styles are becoming more popular. A comfortable suede jacket can be worn right up until the summer and should go with a lot of different combinations of clothing. One of the great things about building a wardrobe with muted colors and Earth tones is that you will find it easier to create a matching ensemble.

Zip-Up Jogging Suits

In addition to suede jackets, another fashion symbol of the past is coming back. Zip-up jogging suits and tracksuits are trending. A baggy pair of jogging pants with a matching well-fitted jacket is a trendy look this spring.

Classy Backpacks

Backpacks are popular in both men’s and women’s fashion this year. Designers for both sexes are focusing on creating backpacks that can be worn anywhere – from school to the boardroom. Some of the top designers, including Louis Vuitton, have released designer backpacks with a professional look that could easily replace your briefcase.

Wearing Socks with Sandals

It used to be considered a fashion don’t to wear socks with your sandals. This scandalous practice is now a fashion trend. Wearing socks with your sandals now acceptable and common. This means you can dress in comfort and style while going to the beach.

Stylish Hats for Any Occasion

As with backpacks, designers are looking to make hats more accessible. You can find hats made from quality materials, including suede, leather, and various animal skins, for finding the perfect casual hat to go with your suede jacket or your business attire. Snapbacks are getting left behind in favor of a more grown-up look. The latest stylish hats can be worn for just about any occasion. Perhaps we will see a re-emergence of men wearing hats on a regular basis as they did back in the day.

The clothes can make the man. You should put care and thought into your clothing options. Take the time to put together your outfits, instead of just throwing on the first thing you find. Shop for clothes that fit correctly and do not be afraid to consider styles and trends that you may not initially think will work with your typical style.

Consider some of these trends, if you are thinking about updating your wardrobe. Staying up to date with the latest trends in men’s clothing can help give you confidence and help you stand out.

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