Many people are joining the natural hair movement and ditching heat and harsh chemical styling. Andre Walker believes all hairstyles are beautiful, whether relaxed, straighten, curly, kinky, or natural. With an abundance of natural hairstyles in 2018, and women everywhere proudly embracing their natural curls and kinks, now is the time to let your hair’s natural look shine. If you are transitioning your style to natural hair and need tips on great products for natural curly hair, Andre Walker hair has you covered!

Understand Your Hair Type

In order to treat your hair correctly, you must understand your exact hair type. Without knowing your hair type, you can damage your hair using the wrong hair products. With the unique system from Andre Walker, you can use their hair type chart to better understand your hair type and find exactly what products you need for your hair pattern. This way, you can embrace your natural curls and kinks without damage.

Treating Your Hair’s Pattern

If you currently have relaxed hair, there are a few ways that people transition into natural hair. Some people choose to cut off relaxed hair and grow out their natural curls utilizing the best products for curly hair. Other ways that people transition to natural hair is by braiding, sisterlock sets, straw sets, or twisting.

Growing Out Your Natural Hair

Growing out your natural hair will be easier than ever using specialized curly hair products from Andre Walker. Once you have identified your specific hair type and curl pattern with the hair type chart, you are on your way to having healthy, natural hair. Instead of wasting money on products that don’t work, try using Andre Walker products to see the difference. When transitioning to natural hair, use products from Andre Walker that work to enhance your hair type and not against it!

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