Do you still sometimes look at old photographs and reminisce of the past days? Do you still long for that youthful look, glowing skin and shiny hair? As we start getting older, all the precious moments from our life are going to show on our bodies: wrinkles from frowning and deep lines from smiling too much. But there is no need to worry, as there is a solution for every problem:

Nurture Your Skin

The first signs of aging will surely become visible on your face. Beside the wrinkles and deep lines, you just might notice some sun spots, the absence of that youthful glow and elasticity in your skin. As the primary goal is to bring back that elasticity and firmness that was lost not so long ago, your new best friend should become a top notch moisturizer. A regular skin care routine is necessary if you wish to renew your skin, but you should never forget to hydrate and moisturize afterwards. Water is also an essential part of skin care as it helps you hydrate your skin and detox your body. Homemade masks from white tea are like made to erase those dark circles. Also honey masks, yogurt, eggs and oatmeal have the perfect anti-agingp roperties that will illuminate your face and give it the look of a teenage girl.


Do Not Neglect Your Hair

Most women are so focused on ridding their face from wrinkles and pores, that they do not realize just how much a new hairdo can help them get the desired look. Firstly, as much as you wish to preserve those long locks that remind you of your teenage years, perhaps it is time to say goodbye and opt for a more serious look. A pageboy hairdo is one of the best options for ladies who wish to modify their looks. Also, opting for bangs and some subtle highlights will also help you feel and look a decade younger.

Consider a Treatment

One of the most popular things nowadays are various treatments that can make you look years younger without much hassle. Of course, this does not mean going to extremes and doing a full face remodel, only opting for some simple treatments like neck lift or thread lift whose goal is to lift your sagging skin returning it to its original contours. These kinds of treatments are great as they are quite effective, require only few days of recovery time and will give you the waned results, without making you look like a plastic doll.


Dressing up Matters

Getting to a specific age does not necessarily mean transforming to an old woman who only wears knitted sweaters and oversized skirts. You can drastically improve your looks by opting for a simple but graceful outfit like A-line cut skirts that go a tad over the knee, fitted shirts and classy blazers, accompanied by high heels. Do not forget to top that look with a statement necklace or any other accessory. You can still be foxy lady even if you have passed the age of 40.

Your body might be getting older, but your soul is still quite young. Keeping this in mind there is no reason why not radiate that energy from inside to the outside and make yourself look a bit younger with only these few tricks.

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