There are various types of hair extensions, and that can be confusing for many people considering trying out extensions. In this article, you will find out everything you need to know about these types of hair extensions — what is the difference between them, what is the installation process, are they safe, how to take them out, and what are the pros and cons of these methods.

Micro ring, stick tip, nano ring and I tip are pretty much the same thing since they all use the same application method. These hair extensions don’t require the use of clips or glue because the ring keeps the hair extensions secure. I tip and stick tip hair extensions are inserted into nano or micro rings.

The micro loop technique utilises a small loop to secure the hair, and some say that the quality of the fitting is quite lower than stick tip, I tip and micro ring.

The Installation Process

These hair extensions are applied by taking a small section of the hair and gently threading a nano or micro ring onto the hair using a needle and thread. The hair is then secured in place at the roots using pliers that close the rings. The great thing about this extension technique is that there is absolutely no glue or tape needed. If you haven’t tried micro/nano ring extensions what are you waiting for? The best AU hair extensions online are Jadore Hair Supplies; visit them to look through their impressive range of extensions. The best part is that removal process is straightforward, the rings are squeezed in opposite directions with the pliers, and then the extensions quickly come off.

Difference Between Nano and Micro Rings

Nano and micro rings are the same; the only difference is that nano rings are newer and in a way improved. Since nano ring method uses a much smaller ring, they tend to be much more comfortable.


No Damage to Your Hair

Nano or micro or rings won’t damage your hair either since no glue is used. Some people are sensitive to the glue or heat that is needed for other methods which can result in an itchy or painful scalp. When the hair extensions are taken out, there is zero hair loss because they come off immediately after the rings are opened.

Very Secure

If the extensions are applied properly, nano and micro rings are incredibly secure, and that is the biggest benefit for this particular method. Its impossible for them to slip off and they last for a long time whereas clip-ins, for example, have a higher chance of slipping off.

Natural Hair Movement

When you have nano or micro rings applied, your hair can move much more freely because the hair extensions are put in using tiny pieces of the hair. This results in a more natural look whereas other hair extension methods like flip and clip in don’t have that natural movement.


Possibly Uncomfortable At First

Nano and micro ring hair extensions can be somewhat uncomfortable when you first are getting used to them, especially at night time when you’re trying to sleep because the rings tend to press into your head.

Possibly Noticeable on Thin Hair

If your hair is on the thin side, micro loops can be noticeable, particularly if you put your hair up in a braid or ponytail, but because of the smaller ring size in nano rings, they are the most recommended method for thin hair.

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