If you are looking for a perfect present for your mother or your grandmother, we have the best solution. Everyone loves glass beads, no wonder, especially our mothers and grandmothers. They love them because they are simple. But, out of its simplicity makes a stylish jewelry, plus, they can embellish any piece of fabric or clothing.


Here are some of the reasons why glass beads are perfect for gifts:

Pressed beads can be made in small quantities using our bare hands. Even if we work with excellent vendors, we can still make a consistent outcome. There may be slight variation of beads from one batch to the next due by the way they are made. But, they can still be used as a creative way to emphasize our products or even our projects. All our needs could be serviced by the sheer amount of fun shapes. We can mix and match them to make something fabulous.

perfacts bead

They are affordable. Beads can look like a crystal or a pearl, but for a lesser cost. It makes them affordable to all. If we purchase wholesale, the savings could be most likely higher. And if we order online, we can also have a variety of beads. Plus, we can save on the shipping fee.

Beads can look good in different projects. We can use transparent glass beads so that they can enhance light and give our project a luxurious look. Since we can have them with a wide range of color, they are just perfect for anyone. Bold and bright beads can be a fashions statement, while earth toned beads can be used every day.

perfacts beads

We can create dangly earrings using glass beads. They are beautiful and easy to make. Even a single bead can be used to create a fashionable item for the young and old.

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