Do you spend endless hours dreaming about becoming the ‘next big thing’ of the corporate world? And do you find an extra couple of hours out of the 24-hour day to realize them? If so, you are the dedicated professional and you’re bound to reach the top if time doesn’t mean much to you in front of your dream.

However, you must value time carefully as it realizes every dream and you need just the right timepiece to keep you ticking through the thick and thin. A good watch is not only an instrument of Horology but a statement of your personality. The dial must radiate like your aura and its physical features should justify your unique personality.

It may be that you find it hard to choose between the number of watches for men since a variety of companies try their hand at developing a fine chronograph. Nonetheless, if you’ve done your research well, the answer is the phenomenon known as Rolex. They’re not for everybody and that’s what makes them special. And don’t buy them from just about anywhere – head only to authorised and reliable watch retailers in the country such as Ethos Watch Boutiques or log on to their website if you prefer to buy it online. We bring a list of Rolexes that will accentuate your personality when out to take the corporate world by storm:

Cellini Moonphase

A Rolex doesn’t offer the best of everything but it does proffer the crème de la crème of what it does offer. And that is exactly what you can learn from the Cellini Moonphase; you ought to give the best of what you promise to your clients instead of getting your head in every tiniest detail. It is one of the best Rolex watches for men you can get to complement your valuable personality. The 18-carat pure gold alloy Everose Gold offers the best aesthetic value you can expect from the body of the watch. The chief display feature is the blue enameled disc at 6 P.M which displays the phases of the moon. Finally, the brown alligator leather strap gives the perfect touch of sophistication.

Day Date 40

“Aurum Potestas Est” – Gold is Power

While in the professional realm, you need a certain authority to get things done and nothing can match the power of Gold. The Day Date 40 is a classic. The president bracelet watch was the first one back in the 1950s with a special window to display the date. The classic white dial gives perfect contrast to the 18-carat gold which is only made of the purest metals. This watch can be your perfect companion in your entrepreneurial endeavours and your rise to the top.


Take cues from the name of the watch and aspire for the very top. The watch wrought in 18-carat rose gold reaches beyond the conventional designs and offers illustrious style. The Dark Rhodium dial consists of an hour disc which moves in reference with an inverted red triangle marker distinguishing the daytime from the night. While travelling you can keep the local time and the time of your hometown or any other place your desire. The Oyster bracelet is crafted with a concealed attachment system which offers the seamless look of the beautiful bracelet.

Pearlmaster 39

We saved the best for last. However, Rolex watches shouldn’t be compared together. The Pearlmaster 39, as you can see, is the perfect blend of Horology and jewellery. This is the nearest a professional can come to sporting diamonds. The dial is equipped with Roman number hour markers, but wait for the main part – the dial is carved for and bedecked with diamonds. You can be sure that the watch will sparkle to bedazzle the others in the meeting room. The bracelet goes through high-quality tests to give it the seamless integrity for a flawless finish.

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