Sometimes, just plain empty naughtiness in the bedroom can get boring. Regardless of how spectacular the sex is with your partner, it’s going to get dry someday. Therefore, there needs to be something new introduced in the bedroom to spice things up again! Adult bedroom games are excellent mediators of hedonistic excitements and activities. Bedroom passion relies heavily on your intimacy with one another and that is precisely what most of these games improve. Here are six suggestions for board games explicitly designed to fire-up your bedroom intimacy:

  1. Fan the Flames

The game goes like this: Each person begins by jotting down something they want to do with their partner should they win the game, thus “fanning the flames” of their sexual desires. Then, each of them progresses through their respective to-do list as they roll the die and answer questions they get from drawing cards. The cards themselves have questions that are written specifically to illicit playful and intimate communications between the players. This is a game that collects and builds-up intimacy as it progresses.

  1. Live Out a Fantasy Secret Agent Kit

This one is a bold game for only the most daring couples! It’s basically a spy game in which a player holds a particular “secret” which is sexual in nature. The other player’s aim is to discover what that “secret” is by using several in-set tools that are also erotic in nature. This game may involve sexual intercourse, hence couples who are not ready for such may refrain from such elements of the game.

  1. Monogamy

This Monogamy game provides a setting in which couples get to relive their youthful honeymoon days! It prompts conversations about various topics that allow them to get to know one another even better than they did before, focusing on building intimacy through greater understanding of one’s partner and vice versa. Regardless of how long you have been together, Monogamy brings you back to that steamy affair you haven’t got to experience again – until now.

  1. Sex! Scratch Tickets

There’s always room for a simple game with a less stressful gameplay. Sex! Scratch Tickets is perfect for the times when you’re up for a little date with fate. With eight scratch tickets containing a sexual act each, it’s designed to get you and your partner aroused for a passionate night. Technically, every ticket is a win!

  1. Choose Your Pleasure

As its name describes, this game allows you to pick your sexual endeavors with your partner. With cards separated to Her and His, roll a die to select which deck to choose from. Each card has two very erotic options from which you get to choose one. Some of the sexual antics in the game however require you to have miscellaneous items such as a sex toy and some edible items. Pick your pleasure in this adult card game for couples.

  1. Nookii

Bringing in something new to the table – duration, Nookii features sex dice rolls to determine how long a sexual is to be performed. Packed with card categories Ooh, Mm and Ahh, this is a leisure game that may also serve to get things intense. Plus point: They come with a “do not disturb” sign for keeping out interrupters.

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