Thanks to artificial tanning products, you can save your skin from damaging UVA and UVB rays. While a tan is considered attractive on young people, it can turn into a deadly obsession that leads to skin cancer and leathery old-looking skin. That is why spray tanning is a concept that is embraced by “sun worshipers.” After all, if you can get a beautiful tan that is flawless and smooth without any aid from the sun, why shouldn’t you give it a try?

In order to make sure the tan is applied evenly and properly, women and men who opt for a spray tan must follow some basic rules to ensure tanning success. You need to prep your skin for the desired outcome, otherwise, you may be disappointed with the results.

Your Skin from the Sun’s Damaging Rays

When to Wax or Shave Your Legs

In order to make the most of spray tanning equipment and self-tan correctly, you need to exfoliate and moisturise the skin 24 hours before the self-tan application. During the process, pay attention to your knees, elbows, and ankles as well as any problematic areas that are dry. You also need to shave or wax the skin or about two days before you apply the self-tan. Give it additional time so the pores are allowed to close. If you wax or shave just before the application, the tan may not take the proper hold.

Wax or Shave Your Legs

Don’t Add Moisturiser

Before you use any spray tanning machines, make sure that you avoid high pH shower products, in-shower moisturisers, oil-based products or bar soaps. These products can often act as a barrier when tanning is applied, and will prevent you from getting the desired results. Also, before you apply a self-tan, make sure your skin is dry and clean. You don’t want to add any kind of moisture as doing so can cause the tanning product to slide off the skin.

Never apply a moisturiser, except in very light amounts, on the elbows or knees as these areas have a tendency to get dark when they are tanned. You also don’t want to apply deodorant or any perfume before you use a spray on a tan.

Add Moisturiser

Now that you know what to do in order to prep the skin, you also have to make sure the tan keeps its hold when you are done tanning. After the process, wear clothing that is dark and loose as underwear can cause marks to appear. You also need to wear loose-fitting footwear. When showering, make sure you do so in cold or lukewarm water for under a minute. Only use plain water. Don’t use scrubs, shampoos or gels on the skin. You also don’t want to use a loofah.

Pat Your Skin Dry

Pat your skin dry after you shower. Never rub it or scrub it. You can moisturise every day after the self-tan is applied. Use a gradual tan moisturiser product to soften the skin so the application is consistently being topped up. Doing so will cause the tan to last longer.

Pat Your Skin Dry

You can exfoliate the skin with a soft body polish after five days. This will help your skin absorb more of the moisturiser so the tan will remain smooth and gorgeous. This type of process will also cause your tan to fade in a natural way, rather than developing patches.

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