Maxi dresses are quite popular, and top stylists recommend that women invest in a couple because there is no shortage of stylish potential with these pieces. Maxi dresses come in a variety of designs but if you are looking for fashion mileage, it is best to go with loose-fitting options.

A flowy maxi dress is a year-round staple. With a few stylish tweaks, it can transition through the different seasons. It is also worthy to note that it is easy to take a maxi dress from casual to formal, especially if it comes in one solid and rich color.

If you have maxi dresses in your wardrobe, great for you; however, do you feel like you have exhausted all the styling possibilities with them? Don’t you worry because listed below are six fresh ways to get even more fashionable use out of them.

1. Top your maxi with another dress

This is a styling strategy straight out of Harajuku where it’s actually quite cold. Try wearing another dress over your maxi dress to create a new silhouette and color palette.

A form-fitting spaghetti strap dress over a maxi dress can achieve a fake mermaid cut. Meanwhile, a short bondage dress can give a floral maxi dress an instant edgy vibe.

The key here is to assess your wardrobe thoroughly and determine which other styles of dresses can work with your maxi dress.

2. Wear wide-legged pants underneath

This is not an entirely new trick but in Western countries, but not a lot of women have actually tried this loose, long dress and loose pants ensemble. But it is definitely worth trying because it creates a fun, high fashion style.

Do not think that this is a kind of fashion that only the tall and slender can pull off. With the right proportions and footwear, such an ensemble can work for any body type and height.

Additional tip: To make this pairing slightly more avant-garde, wear pants with a “loud” pattern.

3. Layer it with different lengths of skirts.

A skirt over a dress was a street fashion highlight during this year’s Paris Fashion Week. A woman wore a black lace midi/maxi-type of dress underneath a structured mauve overlap midi skirt, and her look earned the approval of top fashion designers and stylists.

Layering a skirt over a maxi dress clearly creates an unexpectedly stunning ensemble. But this is not the only layering trick you can do with a maxi dress. You can wear a short skirt over the dress, as well as a longer skirt under the dress. This achieves a new “cut” and a more voluminous bottom piece for the ensemble.

Overall, it’s a fun and creative look that you can easily make, especially if you have a large collection of skirts in your style arsenal.

4. Wear relaxed fit cropped or skinny jeans under the dress.

This styling trick is quite reminiscent of late nineties fashion but with a more polished yet edgy vibe to it. If you have a button down vintage maxi dress, you have the perfect piece for this look. Wear your new favorite jeans under the dress, and only button the dress down to the waist to show off your pants.

This is just a nice way of playing up the nice fabric as well as the traditional configuration of your dress. If you wear jeans with it, you will still look quite feminine but not necessarily dainty.

For a brunch look, wear pretty high-heeled sandals with the ensemble. But for a night out dancing with your friends at a hip club, wear mid-leg boots. Now, if you want to travel back to the nineties, get out your Chuck Taylors or Doc Martens.

5. Make it casual with a loose and cropped tee.

Loose and cropped tees are the epitome of casual. If you pair them with anything, they can make a more approachable or less intimidating outfit. For example, leather skirts are usually too edgy, but if you pair them with a cropped T-shirt, you create a casual and fun getup.

It’s the same thing with a loose maxi dress, be it sleeveless or not. Wearing a loose and cropped T-shirt over it gives the dress a more playful vibe.

Extra tip: If you do not want to look boxy in such a getup, gather the front or back of the tee with a pin. Or, simply fake a cropped tee by getting any vintage shirt you own, tying the front into a knot, and tucking the knot under the shirt.

6. Turn it into a shirt, dress, and pants ensemble.

This is another clever trick to employ for your maxi dress. On a cold day, you will certainly appreciate this layering method. Wear a pullover on top of your dress for added warmth, and cropped skinny jeans under to shield your legs from the cold. This is a style fashion magazines and websites give their stamp of approval.

There you have it — six new ways to style a maxi dress. Hopefully, these suggestions will rekindle how much you love your pretty and versatile maxi pieces.


Ethiopian-born and Dubai-based fashion designer Feiruza Mudessir discovered her curiosity to mix the traditional with contemporary at a young age, and this has become the trademark of her designs today. When you slip into one of Feiruza’s creations, you can almost hear the rhythms of Africa, the beats of India and the vibrancy of Dubai – this distinctive and colourful mélange is just what Finchitua is about.

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