Sunglasses are versatile. They are used as a fashion accessory, eye protector, disguise, and they are present everywhere. Men, as well as women, wear sunglasses, and the shades on the sunglasses seem like saying that you are mysterious, you are cool, you are intimidating and you are anonymous.

Brief History

Sunglasses are believed to arrive from 12th century China, a group of guys of aristocratic families wore smoky lenses for protecting their eyes from bright sunlight. Even if you research China, you are going to find that the Judges used to wear sunglasses to hide their emotions when they used to listen to the testimony. Well, justice is truly blind.

Modern World

A company like Luxottica offers Ran-Ban, Oakley, Burberry, etc. to the market has a global sale of more than $7 million per year.

Sunglass and Psychology

As per top psychologist, there are facial expressions of 23 in total relating to human, and one-third of those expressions involve eyes. This is where sunglasses help; it hides one-third of your emotions from the world. The person on the other side cannot predict all your emotions if your eyes are behind sunglasses.

If you are unable to read a person’s eyes, you cannot predict 100% of that person’s emotions. You cannot tell if the smile that a person gave you is a real or a fake one. The orbicularis oculi get activated when a person is giving a real smile, but if there’s a sunglass on the other person’s eye, you won’t be able to read his eyes and won’t know the smile was real or fake. It is truly said that eye is the window to the soul.

Neoteny is a feature that is mostly seen in a female with large, widely spaced eyes, small chins and small noses. The women with those features appear attractive all throughout their age. Sunglasses for women, such as the outsized ones do the same for them, gives the signal of neoteny to others.

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