Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and other special events, we are often perplexed as to what to get. We rack our brains for THAT perfect gift. Well, look no more. Check out the line of gifts at the One Stop Turkish Shop. It’s full of unique gifts from Turkey.

Turkey is a mystical place. We think of the song with the lines: “Its Istanbul now, not Constantinople now.” Turkey is the place where Christianity became recognized by the Emperor Constantine, from which the name of the original city was renamed.


Drop by the One Stop Turkish Shop, if you want to buy unique Turkish gifts for your friends and family.There you will find gifts that are unique and different. Your special someone is not likely to have but would appreciate. There you can find the Turkish Ashtray with the architecture of Istanbul around the edge. That special someone may not smoke, but would love to have such a beautiful decoration on their coffee table or nick-knack shelf. It is a very attractive blue color that also goes well with most decor and colors.

It uses Arabia coffee and is simmered not boiled! The coffee is then poured into a cup, grounds and all. The grounds will settle to the bottom of the cup, and the coffee is then drank, with or without sugar or other condiment.

But why stop with just the pot. You will find coffee sets there as well. These are finely crafted and come with cups, coffee pot and a tray. French Press’ are used as a way to brew different coffee than usually brewed in a coffee maker. This manner of simmering coffee gives the coffee a unique flavor that is to die for!

Or as another alternative are the fine Turkish towels. Turkish towels are believed by many to be the best towel you can get for your bathroom. They too can be found at the Turkishzone. There Is a wide selection of these towels in a variety of designs. Your special someone would love the luxury of a Turkish towel. In addition, they make the perfect wedding gift. They are a step above the average towel, and would be loved for their luxury and exceptional value by the bride and groom!

So, these gift suggestions ought to give you some very unique choices in gifts for that special someone or the newlyweds, and would be a gift not many would think of! Be sure to buy Turkish gifts.