A new trend is being set on the cat walk these days, and we expect to see more focus on those color accessories and essentials that are gaining notoriety by some of the big icons of the world.  Late last year Rhianna made a surprise statement wearing creative socks, literally stepping out and showing off her latest endorsement.

A whole host of other names have begun to realize the importance of socks in their wardrobe as well as taking advantage of the latest brand opportunities. Trendy fashion houses are looking to entice buyers with an exciting range of designs, colors and patterns.

We often don’t pay much attention to what we wear to protect our feet from chaffing, and these days with the more health conscious minds.  Now we are beginning to appreciate the important role fine cotton socks play in the well-being of our feet!  Our feet have to carry us for miles each day, and what we wear to support and nurture them is as important as the color of our handbag!socks

When we look back at the history of socks we can see the role – to protect our most utilized body part safe from the external elements.  This includes chaffing from the leather or fabric that comes into contact with the skin. The quality of the cotton is crucial in preventing chaffing, so when you are considering your next purchase of socks, look at where the cotton is from and where they are made.

Bonne Maison, sources all its yarns from the hand-picked plantations of Egypt, a country which ensures the highest quality cotton is treated with care and by hand from the fields.  Mechanical picking has a tendency to destroy the integrity of the cotton fibers, by stretching and pulling them.  The sourcing of these yarns enables Bonne Maison to carefully craft the latest sock trends in their factory in France.

They are offering an amazing range of premium socks that will blend and compliment your wardrobe, as well as taking care of your feet at the same time.  By only sourcing the best yarns from Egypt Bonne Maison are sure to satisfy the most discerning buyer.  Why not take a look now at the latest socks trends on offer by Bonne Maison and slip a little luxury over your toes!

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