You will not find people who are more passionate about pearls than The Pearl Girls. These girls have devoted many years of their lives to the study of pearls and developing skilled to make high quality jewelery of cultured pearls. They travel the globe sourcing their pearls, and creating all types of designs and jewellery in Athens, GA. There is a huge repair and reknot department there. Individuals from all around the globe ship to them their pearls to reknot or to create into a new design. Along with the passion for pearls, they are passionate about creating jobs right their in-home base. They have many perks including on-site childcare for their hardworking mothers.

Cost to restring

There are many people who want to know, what is the cost of restringing pearls? We are glad to report that Pearl Girls @ reknot business are doing very well. This is because women from all over the country and the world are seeking a great company that is able to reknot and restring single pearl necklace that are fine cultured pearls, beaded jewelry, imitation pearls, and more. This company feels so privileged and honoured that they are trusted with other people’s fine gems. And for many they are sending us their pearls immediately after they have been restrung at their local jewelry store, and we are sorry to say they had an experience with other jeweller that was bad. Many jewellers do not know how to generate a well-crafted knotted pearl necklace or bracelet.

Value of pearls

Many wonder what makes pearls valuable. There was an article by In Store Magazine on what makes one necklace of pearls cost $10 and another pearl necklace is $10,000.

Industrial vs. flawless

Industrial grade pearls are cheap when compared with flawless pearls, but unlike say diamonds, imperfect pearls have little commercial use, so they are generally discarded back into the sea. So, what makes flawless pearls so valuable – it is basically selection. The selection of flawless pearls is the ones that can be quite expensive. And of course, they are also made more expensive by the quality of the knotting and stringing that goes into a single pearl necklace.

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