You know when you get all excited about getting a tattoo, and you’re never thinking that that particular tattoo you’ve been planning on getting for so long may as well turn out to be the biggest fail of your life – well, we bet the people we’re going to talk about in this post a bit, didn’t either.

The sad truth about getting your body inked is that, regardless of it being treated as the ultimate gorgeous body accessory you can get, it can really turn out to be the biggest disappointment, that is – if you don’t pick out carefully who the artist doing your tats will be.

If you are on the brink of getting your skin inked, take a look at these photos down, and treat them as a cautionary tale! No, we are not trying to convince you not to get a tattoo – but simply alert you to be as careful as possible about it!

Ok, here we go….


What is this?

If you can guess it, we’ll bow down to you! Sure, it is a kind of an animal, supposedly something dangerous, but… in all honestly, it’s just ridiculous. Was the tattoo artist trying to imitate a tiger/lion roar? Most probably. Has he succeeded? Definitely not.

Where are you going?


Really, though? Is she heading south? ‘Cos if she is, she is heading in the wroooooong direction; well, at least judging by her tattoo directions.

Ah, Jane…


Oh you know, you fall in love and you want this person’s name inked on your skin forever…. well, not forever per se but at least till you break up. And when you do want that ink, you are hoping it’ll look stunning – when in reality, you get… this. Ew! Look like a faded fireworks. Luckily, some awesome tattoo artist managed to fix the damage.

Why so serious?

so serious

The irony of this tattoo is probably in the root of the word “joker”. JOKE-r. It definitely is a joke. Who did this tattoo anyway? Looks like a 2-year-old’s drawing project.

Baby girl hopesgirl hope

We know how much you love your daughter and how hopeful you were to get her face inked on your skin, and cherish that adorable smile on there forever. Sorry to burst you bubble but that tattoo, oh man, looks like the devil’s daughter whose face was burned by a thousand fires from hell! But you already knew that, we guess. Luckily, when situations like these happen, laser tattoo removal is the thing!

Moustache hunk



Oh, Freddy!


Hey, you with this horrendous tattoo! We do understand you “want to break free” and find “somebody to love”, and that you’ll probably shout at us things like “don’t stop me now” but we gotta tell you – this tattoo is failing so much that it’s winning at life! Maybe you should try another one? You know what they say – “another one bites the dust”. Oh well, even if you don’t… “show must go on”.

Selfish, impatient and a little insecure

Oohhhh, you seductress, Ms Monroe! Wait, is that Marilyn for real? Hard to tell, man… hard to tell. I fit wasn’t for the iconic skirt-lifting moment, we could easily go for any other guess. Looks like an evil spirit in a dress a bit, doesn’t it?

Tattoos can really be incredibly beautiful but only, mark our words, only if you have a good tattoo artist – so make sure you check the guy’s work prior to booking an appointment!

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