As the evening light is gradually extending and our morning rise doesn’t seem quite so painful, this only means one thing, Spring is well and truly on its way!

As you’ll know, with any new season. Spring brings new items of fashion to the scene.


Although it isn’t quite yet the season for digging out the shorts, we are certainly beginning to head in this direction, so take off your bobble hat, unwind your scarf and listen up to what the new trends of this season are saying!

Think traditional colours and modern shapes as spring 2016 looks to be setting a pretty interesting scene for men’s fashion.

Beige is back

Deep blues, grey and black are the colours we tend to wear during the winter months, however as we head into spring it’s time to lift the mood and incorporate some brighter tones to your wardrobe.

One of the style trends highlighted from the men’s AW16 Fashion week was the return of neutral colours.

It’s time time ditch the opinion that ‘beige is boring’ and instead welcome the lighter neutrals including off-white, stone, beige with open arms!

Try and mix up the tones a little, for example cream chinos with a camel colouredmilitary coat would look smart and sleek.

However, this isn’t to say that all of your outfit has to incorporate the neutral look! A black rollneck jumper under the coat would create a stylish contrast to the neutral tones of the coat and trousers.

The Tailor Retailored specialise in men’s luxury Scottish cashmere and offer a Savannah Cashmere Polo Neck Sweater which would make the perfect neutral piece for your wardrobe. Polo neck sweaters are a timeless classic making them a great staple item for your wardrobe, particularlyduring the brisk winter months.

The overall

Although the last time you worse dungarees may have been when you were a toddler, it looks as though this spring will witness the return of the dungaree in a baggier and mechanic-like style.

Denim is one of the more popular dungaree materials, particularly in dark blue, black and grey.

As we head further into the summer months, a simple white or neutral coloured T-shirt or vest would add for a more relaxed look. However, whilst the weather may still be on the chilly side, a thick woolly jumper or shirt underneath the overalls would still look casual but stylish.

Head to ASOSwho offer a variety of different denim dungarees at a fairly reasonable price, for example the ASOS Dungarees In Denim With Ripped Legs In Washed Black is designed in a pinafore style, and as the model shows, a plain white T-shirt worn underneath the overalls adds a simple but classic casual look.

Fifties Shirts

Seeing a classic piece come back into fashion is always pretty exciting, and it seems that this year it’s the fifties shirt which has been strutting down the catwalk.

Fifties shirts give you a real opportunity to have some fun, and if you particularly like breaking the mould and being creative, then you’ll certainly enjoy playing around with the many eccentric prints and tones we’ve often seen on these shirts!

The classic fifties shirts tend to be fairly oversized with a wide open neck, and as a lot of shirts from this period display strong and colourful designs, it’s good to try and balance the colour out by keep it fairly low-key on the bottom half.

Wide fitting trousers and chinos would act as the perfect accompaniment to the fifties shirt and when we eventually start seeing the sun, the shirt would also look great with shorts!

If you want to check out more inspired fifties summer styles, then make sure you take a look at FashionBeans Style Decades Revisited. From the polo to the Hawaiian shirt, the fifties certainly proved to be an outstanding time for fashion which we often see creeping back onto the catwalk.

So now you have a little taster about what is going to be hitting the high street this season, will you be ditching the jeans for a pair of denim overalls or heading to the shops to purchase your fifties inspired textured shirt.

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