While you want to be properly accessorized on your wedding day it is important to avoid certain mistakes where your accessories are concerned. Your goal is to look beautiful on your wedding day rather than gaudy.

Earrings, a bracelet, rings and a necklace are perfectly acceptable accessories to wear for your wedding day. The key is to avoid wearing too many at once. Weighing yourself down with too much of anything will take away from the rest of your outfit and distract your guests from what is important.

Oversized hats should be avoided on your wedding day. Even if you are having an outdoor ceremony an oversized hat will overwhelm your wedding dress. This is why most brides choose a veil, tiara or floral headband for their big day. Even if you are concerned about the sun being in your eyes during the ceremony, avoid oversized hats and sunglasses of any type. Instead opt for a parasol or overhead hanging that will block the sun but still allow you to be accessorized just right.


Though many women consider them to be a staple of their wedding day, there is no rule that your wedding day shoes have to be high heels. Even if you are accustomed to wearing high heels on a regular basis you may find them too constricting on your wedding day. No bride wants to end her big day with feet so sore she can barely move. Wearing flat shoes or shoes with only a small heel will make it easier to get through a day where you won’t sit down much, if at all.

In general, it is best to avoid wearing any accessories you are not already used to wearing. You may think your wedding day calls for you to be dripping in diamonds but if you are uncomfortable with the idea of doing so then it is best to avoid them. Any accessory that makes you feel uncomfortable or uneasy in any way should be avoided on your wedding day.

Shiny accessories should be avoided if your wedding is taking place during the day. They are not conducive to a day time wedding and it is considered tacky to wear shiny accessories unless it is an evening wedding. Also, if you plan to buy sparklers for weddings to use during your grand exit, the flickering light can reflect off of your shiny items and ruin your photos.

Avoiding these accessories can make the difference between looking stunning on your wedding day and looking out of place and appropriate. Certain accessories are simply not meant to be worn to a wedding, especially by the bride. For example, your wedding day is not the day to show off a piercing on your chin or your belly button.

Your wedding day is about looking and feeling like a million dollars without actually having to spend a million dollars to do so. The accessories you choose should only add to your overall appearance and beauty on your wedding day. Choosing your wedding day accessories carefully is the first step in creating an appropriate look for your big day with all eyes on you.

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