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For the average person, buying loose diamonds is an overwhelming task. Whether you’re trying to get a great deal on diamonds oryou just want to invest, there are things you need to know. Diamond jewelry is one of the most popular gifts we use to mark the momentous occasions in our lives. It is an outward expression of what we mean to one another. It is basically used for things such as holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and other achievements, which are just some of the events we celebrate with special gifts of diamond jewelry.

One of the questions you need to ask yourself is what carat weight of loose diamond am I buying? Which is probably the most important question you will ask yourself when buying loose diamonds, because compared to all the other factors that needs to be considered when buying loose diamonds, carat weight has the greatest effect on a loose diamond’s price. Additionally, carat weight is of supreme importance because this is what will primarily determine the size of the loose diamond you buy.You need to consider the expectations of the person you are buying the diamonds for, are they expecting a 2 carat diamond?  Will they be disappointed with a 0.50 carat diamond? Note that in most cases, the answer will be “the bigger the better,” but it’s always good to know what the minimum expectations are in terms of size of the loose diamonds. Hatton Garden diamonds are made up of many different carat weights you can choose from.

Another point you need to consider is the shape of the loose diamonds you are buying. There’s no calculation you can make that will tell you the exact shape to buy especially when buying for someone else. You need to also pay special attention to the cut of the diamonds.  Now that you know how big of a stone you need and what shape it should be, you need to decide on the cut quality. Cut quality will also have a notable effect on the price of loose diamonds. The cut of the diamond is among the 4 Cs of diamonds, when it comes to buying loose diamonds i.e. carat, color, clarity and cut. Choosing a cut quality can be tricky, however, since cut grades are not standardized across the different vendors. Some vendors only offer a cut grade on their round diamonds and base them on the certificate’s cut grade. You are guaranteed to get loose diamonds with the best cuts with Hatton Garden.

The clarity of the loose diamonds is equally important and needs to be put into consideration as well. Take some time to choose from the best colors of loose diamonds out there, more so than a diamond’s clarity, you need to realize that a diamond’s color has a serious effect on both a loose certified diamond’s appearance and price.  When buying loose diamonds, it is important to remember that different shapes reflect color at different strengths, so your choice of optimal color balancing the diamond’s appearance with the diamond’s price will depend greatly on what diamond shape you’ve chosen.

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