One more year, the online fashion and clothing sector continues to position itself as one of those that generates more sales through the Internet. But, according to report, more than 70% of consumers’ have doubts about online clothing stores are about sizes and size guides. Given this fact, how can you generate a good size guide? Are there tools that make it easier to know what size each one needs? The reasons that make users click on them instead of going to a physical store are clear. You can buy various design, style, colors, brands from online store, so why wasting time for physical marketing?  View more designs and brands here, with the best online clothing store.

What is the benefit of using online buying?

The textile sector not only faces the problem of conquering the consumer and selling through images and a detailed text but also so that consumers understand and know how to identify sizes. Users do not usually know what their size is in each store and brand, making them doubt and in the end they decide to buy online after an internet research. If the customer has been confused with the size of clothing, they are afraid that the online store cannot provide another size without additional costs or that the return is neither easy nor free. This is very much true that buying online has the drawback like actual clothing style. But if you really know the size of your own physical measurement then the problem is no more headaches for you. Be confident about your size and make online shopping with the best quality pajamas collections.

How to solve the problem of sizes in online clothing stores?

When the user has already chosen the product online with Rosegal and only needs to specify what size it needs before proceeding to the shopping cart, the online store should provide what is called the Size Guide. This guide may be more or less specific but it must contain at least all the essential information so that the user understands what the garment is like and how it will fit without being able to prove it.In conclusion, it is easy to understand the fear that users have to buy without knowing if that garment is your size. For this reason, the e-commerce must give all the information it needs to be able to buy.

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